Hello, I am DJ Dennis Nobels, a 35-year-old Belgian dj from Antwerp. My style is best described as melodic and rave techno/house. I'm always striving to create the perfect mix of sunny afternoons with a cocktail in hand and the classic techno beats of a dark rave night. My passion for electronic music started at a young age and eventually led me to a career as a DJ.

My musical journey began with discovering the diverse electronic music genres and exploring various subgenres. Inspired by legendary DJs and producers from the '90s and '00s, I have developed my own unique sound that strikes the perfect balance between melodic and energetic beats. My sets are intended to make people dance and create the ultimate party experience.

With my music, I take you on a journey through different emotions and atmospheres. Whether it's creating a relaxed ambiance on a sunny terrace or pumping up a crowd during a nighttime club event, I always ensure an unforgettable experience. I look forward to sharing my passion for music with you and providing you with the best melodic and rave techno/house tracks out there.


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